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Fairies, Folklore, Fashion

Image via Vogue Korea

                                                     I'd Love to be a Fairy's Child

                                                 Robert Graves

Once in a while I like to revert back to my childhood and get lost in those magical fairytale lands bustling with talking animals, ball gowns, and beautiful princesses.   I'm especially fond of designers who take inspiration from these characters and bring us their version of this whimsical world.  Right now I'm coveting anything Charlotte Olympia -I mean she's had to be a fairy godmother in her past life.  

Anyways -this would probably be the appropriate time to introduce you to one of my favorite authors, Robert Graves, who can perfectly transcribe the imagination conjured by this fantasy folkloric world. Enjoy!

An Excuse to Shop Menswear

The Queen of Oversized Clothing | Miss Mary-Kate Olsen

I'd never imagine in a million years that I would be shopping in the men's department.  Growing up, gender presentation was very traditional.  Blue was for boys, pink was for girls.  Boys played with trucks, girls had their barbies.  So naturally, it made sense for girls and boys to shop in their respective departments.  I know, I know, I sound ancient -but this was back in the 90's.

Fast forward twenty-something years and I find myself perusing men's tees and coats, and I love it.  Some of the best styles and statement looks are the ones that stray from tradition, and I am definitely loving the blurred lines in the fashion industry (did anyone else get a traumatic flashback to the VMAs?)

Men's clothing styles have started to appear more regularly on the runways -everything from boyfriend jeans, to shirt, and coat? Well it's not exactly the boyfriend coat, but there has been an emergence of oversized jackets this fall/winter season.  I first spotted this oversized silhouette on the Celine Fall 2012 runway, and it has since been on many other runways and streets (street style).  I for one, feel that there's something glamorously chic about these coats and especially love that they evoke the cozy feeling of cuddling in a blanket -maybe it's just me, being from the freezing windy city,  but I love it!

So this is one of those occasions that calls for the men's department.  I would opt for a wool or cashmere blend topcoat/overcoat.  There are so many options to choose from once you're in the store, but make sure that you choose something that still fits.  Oversized doesn't mean that you need to drown in it.  If you're a small in women's, I would still go for a small in mens because they tend to run larger.  The best part is that overcoats are great for layering, especially if you live in a colder city -you can easily throw on a smaller jacket under and stay stylishly cozy.

Have you tried this look yet? If so, how do you like to style your coat?

(1) Massimo Alba - Austin 3 Button Coat

Getting Smokey with Le Métier de Beauté

Shop it here: Neiman Marcus

The holiday season means holiday parties, which, in turn, usually means holiday make-up looks.  For those of us who are not blessed with flawless, naturally contoured and highlighted skin, we turn to our make-up bags.  I like to refer to November/December issues of fashion magazines for make-up inspiration.  Most editorials and make-up advertisements have amazing hard to recreate smokey eye looks.  I especially love the YSL campaigns, I mean really can't we all rock red lips with blue eyes?  Maybe I'm the only one who ends up with raccoon chic rather than the sultry doe-eyed look I try to emulate -we'll just blame the lighting. 

Anyways, this brings me to my main point.  As you can probably tell by now that I'm a huge fan of eye make-up.  I consider eye shadows and eye liners the best accessory to accent a look, but finding the right ones are the hard part.  However, I think I've finally found the perfect eyeshadows.  I recently came across Le Métier de Beauté, a luxury make-up brand, at Neiman Marcus and immediately fell in love with their eye-shadow collection.  

I ended up getting the 'Limited Edition Kaleidoscope Eye Kit, Carnaby Street' inspired by 1960's London.  The color palette really stands out to me as it contains very unique colors that range from a dusky pink to a midnight navy.  I especially love the packaging! The compact consists of the four stacked eye with a mirror on top.  The best part is that these shadows go on smooth (barely any fall out), are highly pigmented, and are very blendable -which is an absolute must to create the smokey effect.  I also found that I could create a few different shades by blending the lighter colors with a hint of the dark shades.  I can definitely say that this palette is my new best friend this season.  

Let me know if you've tried out any LMdB products, and which ones you prefer -all recommendations are welcome! Happy make-up-ing!

Sorry, Not Sorry

I'm going to jump right into this one, because it's something that has always bothered me and I'm glad that finally someone else has addressed it and feels the same way.  I came across an article by Henry Hitchings titled 'A Poor Apology for a Word' yesterday on the New York Times website.  In it, he describes his own experience with the word 'sorry' and how it is over used and thrown around daily.

I mean I'm all for apologizing for my faults, but is it really necessary for me to say sorry to someone who has bumped into me accidentally or because I decided last minute that I would like to exchange my fuzzy cat socks for a furry keychain instead? No - sorry, but I'm really not sorry and it's only obvious by the way I (and others) say it.  We really should stop throwing around empty words that we don't really mean.  The word 'sorry' has just become another term we use to appease awkward situations.  If you truly haven't offended anyone or if it's something that you're going to forget within the next few minutes -just leave it.  

I, for one, will be taking my own advice, and if you don't like this rant, sorry.

Read Hitchings' article here:  A Poor Apology for a Word

The Art of Pajama-wear

Model Mary Jane Russell | Vogue in 1953

Lets talk PJs, and how we want to keep them on all day.  Ever since the days have gotten shorter, I've been thinking more and more about keeping my pajamas on throughout the day.  However, I haven't been able to do that yet thanks to my mirror, (my enemy or my best friend?), who is there to tell me every morning that I haven't completed my overnight transformation to a Victoria's Secret Angel.   But seriously though, I love pajamas and actually believe that one can pull off day-time pajama wear if worn correctly.  The best styles are the ones where rules are broken, and I think that definitely applies when opting to wear your pajamas in public.

For those of us who don't have the luxury of stepping out in Louis Vuitton's Fall 2013 nightwear inspired collection, here are other alternatives you can try out.  Have fun with the style - and try to stay awake if you're wearing this to work! By the way, I like to try this look on a lazy Sunday -preferably something that involves brunch and shopping.  I've found that brunch time is one of my favorite ways of finding out what people think of my style choice of the day.  I'm usually greeted with the perfect amount of judgment, curiosity, and indifference -tried and true.

Rashida Jones in Erdem

Shop similar styles at Neimens and Bergdorf

Kate Bosworth's take on Pajama Chic
Try this look by pairing similar styles from J.CrewHenry & BelleZara, and Asos

Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again - when department stores compete to cram in as many Christmas songs as possible, when, for once, we can actually pronounce a few things on the Starbucks menu (Holiday drinks, duh!), and of course the anxiety of gift shopping.  Welcome to the Holiday season 2013!  I've been seeing a ton of guides everywhere, is it just me or do the Holidays start earlier and earlier every year? I'm pretty sure I spotted holiday decor on my pumpkin for Halloween.  Anyways, so with all the hype and festivities, I felt it was appropriate to give a few gift suggestions.  And yes, I do understand that most of us are gifting more than one person and may have a limited budget, so I've kept all my suggestions under $100! Happy shopping -and Happy Holidays!

Pewter Tabletop Round Picture Frame: This is a great present for a loved one -add in a picture to make is extra thoughtful and special (center picture)

1. Peony Signature Reed: One of my favorite fragrance oils from Henri Bendel -they have a vast assortment to choose from

2. Huan Teapot:  Perfect gift for the tea lover - I love that it can double as kitchen decor

3. Macbook Pro Leather Cover:  For the people in your life who like to dress their technology

4. Le Specs:  I'm obsessing over these retro round-framed sunnies

5. Golden Nautical Stationary Set:  Perfect gift for those of us who prefer a more traditional form of communication

6. Brian Lichtenberg - Cannabis Beanie:  Great statement piece

7. Smythson - Little Black Book:  Perfect for the writer, I feel like writing in this will make my thoughts sound more chic

8. The Laundress:  This is the perfect gift to help keep designer denim looking new

9. Jeff Koons:  For the artist - love the images and analysis of Koons' pieces

10.  Kiehl's - Ultimate Man Refueling Set:  For the men in our lives who still use shampoo/body wash/face wash from the same bottle

What's In A Name?

The other day I was taking my 2pm walking break from work, and of course I end up at Starbucks.  I go through the usual process of ordering my regular drink (I don't know why, but this part always makes me feel like one of the plastics from Mean Girls) -although I do genuinely enjoy my Zen tea.  Anyways, so then comes the million dollar question, "may I have your name," which I'm still amused by as my name begins with two vowels and I can't help but wonder what my sharpied in name for the day will be. 

So I tell the barista my name, and he compliments me saying that my name is very pretty and then adds "not that that's a compliment, it's not like you had a say in choosing your name."  I of course found his explanation to be a major breakthrough of some sort, as if he had just solved some inexplicable mystery of the universe.  

The entire walk back I couldn't help but laugh to myself at about how right he was.  Because really how many of us play a role in choosing our own moniker?  It's usually someone else who has decided (usually even before we are born) that we look like an Elizabeth or an Apple and from there forth we are stuck with that until we can afford to change our own names.  But really does it matter by that time? You're already known as Mysteri (yes this is a RHOBH reference, don't judge me) or Leaf by then -unless you're forced into the witness protection plan and start a new beginning (I know I need to stop watching/reading thrillers)

The moral of this story is that I think I'll probably think twice before I compliment someone's name now, unless I tell them to pass it along to whomever named them (which will most definitely elicit weird looks and hinder any chances of making new friends).

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