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The Art of Pajama-wear

Model Mary Jane Russell | Vogue in 1953

Lets talk PJs, and how we want to keep them on all day.  Ever since the days have gotten shorter, I've been thinking more and more about keeping my pajamas on throughout the day.  However, I haven't been able to do that yet thanks to my mirror, (my enemy or my best friend?), who is there to tell me every morning that I haven't completed my overnight transformation to a Victoria's Secret Angel.   But seriously though, I love pajamas and actually believe that one can pull off day-time pajama wear if worn correctly.  The best styles are the ones where rules are broken, and I think that definitely applies when opting to wear your pajamas in public.

For those of us who don't have the luxury of stepping out in Louis Vuitton's Fall 2013 nightwear inspired collection, here are other alternatives you can try out.  Have fun with the style - and try to stay awake if you're wearing this to work! By the way, I like to try this look on a lazy Sunday -preferably something that involves brunch and shopping.  I've found that brunch time is one of my favorite ways of finding out what people think of my style choice of the day.  I'm usually greeted with the perfect amount of judgment, curiosity, and indifference -tried and true.

Rashida Jones in Erdem

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Kate Bosworth's take on Pajama Chic
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