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An Excuse to Shop Menswear

The Queen of Oversized Clothing | Miss Mary-Kate Olsen

I'd never imagine in a million years that I would be shopping in the men's department.  Growing up, gender presentation was very traditional.  Blue was for boys, pink was for girls.  Boys played with trucks, girls had their barbies.  So naturally, it made sense for girls and boys to shop in their respective departments.  I know, I know, I sound ancient -but this was back in the 90's.

Fast forward twenty-something years and I find myself perusing men's tees and coats, and I love it.  Some of the best styles and statement looks are the ones that stray from tradition, and I am definitely loving the blurred lines in the fashion industry (did anyone else get a traumatic flashback to the VMAs?)

Men's clothing styles have started to appear more regularly on the runways -everything from boyfriend jeans, to shirt, and coat? Well it's not exactly the boyfriend coat, but there has been an emergence of oversized jackets this fall/winter season.  I first spotted this oversized silhouette on the Celine Fall 2012 runway, and it has since been on many other runways and streets (street style).  I for one, feel that there's something glamorously chic about these coats and especially love that they evoke the cozy feeling of cuddling in a blanket -maybe it's just me, being from the freezing windy city,  but I love it!

So this is one of those occasions that calls for the men's department.  I would opt for a wool or cashmere blend topcoat/overcoat.  There are so many options to choose from once you're in the store, but make sure that you choose something that still fits.  Oversized doesn't mean that you need to drown in it.  If you're a small in women's, I would still go for a small in mens because they tend to run larger.  The best part is that overcoats are great for layering, especially if you live in a colder city -you can easily throw on a smaller jacket under and stay stylishly cozy.

Have you tried this look yet? If so, how do you like to style your coat?

(1) Massimo Alba - Austin 3 Button Coat

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