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Sorry, Not Sorry

I'm going to jump right into this one, because it's something that has always bothered me and I'm glad that finally someone else has addressed it and feels the same way.  I came across an article by Henry Hitchings titled 'A Poor Apology for a Word' yesterday on the New York Times website.  In it, he describes his own experience with the word 'sorry' and how it is over used and thrown around daily.

I mean I'm all for apologizing for my faults, but is it really necessary for me to say sorry to someone who has bumped into me accidentally or because I decided last minute that I would like to exchange my fuzzy cat socks for a furry keychain instead? No - sorry, but I'm really not sorry and it's only obvious by the way I (and others) say it.  We really should stop throwing around empty words that we don't really mean.  The word 'sorry' has just become another term we use to appease awkward situations.  If you truly haven't offended anyone or if it's something that you're going to forget within the next few minutes -just leave it.  

I, for one, will be taking my own advice, and if you don't like this rant, sorry.

Read Hitchings' article here:  A Poor Apology for a Word

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