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Elie Saab for Evian

I've always been obsessed with little trinkets ever since I was a little girl.  I still remember collecting my mother's perfume bottles, bottle caps, gift boxes, basically anything that glints in sunlight.  I would shove them in my miniature closet, a treasure chest of sorts.  Of course I eventually grew (more like forced) out of that hoarding phase, but I must admit you'll still find trinkets around my room repurposed to look like something useful aka the Voss water bottle vase.

So naturally the hoarder (I prefer collector) in me was overly excited to see this beautiful Evian water bottle designed by Elie Saab. Saab's collaboration with the French water brand is not the first of its kind; past collaborations include DVF and Jean Paul Gaultier.  I especially love Saab's collaboration because he incorporates his signature design element into the bottle.  The design mimics Saab's signature lace pattern in snow white, simple yet elegant, a defining trait for most Saab designs. The fusion of sophisticated design and craftsmanship bring forth this years theme of 'purity.'  Oh, and by the way, it's limited edition -am I the only one who gets excited over these things?

You can purchase the love child of couture and H2o at the Evian website here, or pick one up at the ShopBazaar pop-up shop at Art Basel Miami this year.

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